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William E. Hanna Surveyors
508 Pine Street
DeKalb, IL 60115
(815) 756-2189 (Office)
(815) 748-2532 (Fax)

[ Frequently Asked Questions ]

How long will it take to complete my survey?
Hanna Surveyors can typically complete a survey in a period of two weeks. Though each individual survey is different and some may take more time than others. Call our office for a time frame estimate.

Is Hanna Surveyors Insured?
Yes Hanna Surveyors is fully insured so you can have the utmost confidence in our work.

What areas does Hanna Surveyors service?
Serving DeKalb and neighboring counties for over 30 years.

Who has Hanna Surveyors worked for in the past?
Hanna Surveyors has done jobs for Goodyear, Monsanto, Menards, local lawyers, bankers, developers, land investors, homeowners and farmers. An extensive list of references is available upon request.

Are Hanna Surveyors' employees experienced?
Hanna Surveyors' crew chiefs have over 25 years of surveying experience, this insures that your work will be done by qualified professionals. In addition to years of experience Shawn VanKampen, owner of Hanna Surveyors, is a past president of the Illinois Professional Land Surveyors Association.

How much will a survey cost me?
The price for a survey depends on the size, detail and services required for the job. Estimates are available if you contact our office.

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